Coffee Hour

A coffee hour is held the first week of every new cycle. Mingle and get to know your fellow students and teachers while enjoying a variety of cakes, cookies, fruits, hot drinks and soda!

Walking Tour of Dupont Circle

A walking tour of our neighborhood! We will show you what is close by, where to find coffee, lunch, drug stores and more. This helps new students to get familiar with our area.


Lincoln Memorial, Thomas Jefferson, the Monument, the Mall, the US Capitol - just to name a few of the famous sights of Washington, DC! Most are within walking distance.

Museum Visits

The Smithsonians, the Hirshhorn, the Newseum, National Building Museum, art galleries - most of them are free to visit for our students and we will show you around!

Sports & Outdoor Activities

Soccer in the spring, swimming in the summer, basketball in the fall and ice-skating in the winter - just to give you some examples of our sports activities! We also attend sporting events, go biking, canoeing or hiking with our students.

Parties & Holiday Celebrations

We celebrate traditional American holidays, like Valentine’s Day and Halloween. Help decorate our student lounge, trim our Christmas tree, wear a costume for Halloween, perform a skit and dance at our parties!

Wi-Fi & Computer Lab

Our entire space has free Wi-Fi for our students. Need to check email or print a document? Our students have free access to our computer lab from 2:30-3:30 pm Monday through Thursday to use a PC or access the Internet.

Monthly Calendar & Facebook

We publish a monthly calendar with all activities, holidays and other useful information for our students. In addition, we keep our Facebook current with all scheduled activities, news and alerts. Please follow us on Facebook!