Lindsey C., ILI, Washington, D.C. – TESOL August 2015:

ILI’s TESOL course provides its teacher trainees the perfect meld of academic knowledge and practitioner skills towards their careers in the ESL field. The course curriculum is thoughtful and scaffolded in a way which allows trainees to grow as both teachers and trainers, facilitated by an instructor with a robust, comprehensive background of the ESL world.

Deborah K., Washington English Center, Washington, D.C. – TESOL February 2015:

This TESOL course is a perfect combination of teaching theory and practice. It helped me immensely to fill in some of the gaps in my own knowledge of English, to understand how to communicate with students in ways that meet their specific needs, and to be more confident managing a class with varied learning styles and abilities.

Gabriel R., Esq., Cartwheel Foundation International – TESOL February 2015:

I received my TESOL Certificate in February 2015 from ILI. As a lawyer working in the field of international development, being TESOL certified is a significant advantage. ILI provided me with valuable theoretical skills and relevant practical training to not only teach English effectively to non-native speakers, but also to conduct effective presentations and lectures. My ILI professor, Jane Edwards, provided consistent excellent coaching, both in class and during hands on teaching time. I highly recommend the ILI TESOL Program for those professionals who aspire for a career in international development, particularly in the field of indigenous people’s education and human rights advocacy.

Claudia P., Private ESL Tutor and Volunteer Teacher – TESOL December 2014:

I feel prepared before going into every lesson because of the training I received at ILI. Jonathan provided superb instruction about the history and evolution of the English language as well as the theory and practice of teaching it. My classmates and I were also provided with necessary classroom experience that has since proven invaluable to me as I have started to manage my own classroom and to create my own lesson plans for private tutoring. Even after completing the course he and my fellow trainees continue to provide insights and support to me. Anyone interested in teaching ESL would benefit from this course in many ways that extend far beyond the certificate.

Silvia S., Rowad Alkhaleej International School, Dammam, Saudi Arabia – TESOL August 2014:

My classes at ILI provided me with invaluable hands-on teaching experience and feedback, as well as practical classroom management strategies. My instructor was extremely knowledgeable and supportive.

Walter C., ILI, Washington, D.C. – TESOL August 2014:

The TESOL course at ILI gave me the skills and confidence necessary to get my first teaching job.  The classroom instruction is top notch and each lesson builds upon previous ones.  By the end of the course I was able to develop detailed lesson plans that were tailored to teach students from a variety of language backgrounds.  ILI’s professional staff support you all the way and I’m grateful to have found such an excellent program that worked with my busy schedule.  Thanks again!

Jason W-H., Auding Idiomas. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – TESOL February 2014:

The TESOL course at ILI offers a thoroughly detailed training in the art of teaching the English language. Professor Jonathan  Selkin is exacting in his teaching methodology and an excellent facilitator in the training and preparation for new English teachers to enter the classroom environment. Through this course I have gained the necessary skills, professionalism and confidence to open my career path and enter the classroom environment as a teacher of the English language.

Eva B., European Education, Istanbul, Turkey – TESOL February 2014:

I signed up for the TESOL/TEFL certificate program when my husband and I decided to move overseas. It has proven to be very valuable as there is always work for native English speakers in foreign countries. The program was very thorough, and I finished it feeling fully prepared to embark on a new career. The instructor was very knowledgeable and a veteran ESL teacher, and the classroom setting was positive and supportive.

Katie L., Kabamba Primary School, Kabamba Village, Zambia – TESOL February 2014:

The TESOL training I received at ILI helped prepare me to become a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Rural Education Development Project in Zambia.  I teach English in grades six and seven, and also have an after school class for parents, and I put the skills I learned at ILI into practice everyday.  ILI teaches theory, as well practical teaching techniques, and gives you the chance to practice teaching in actual classrooms and tutoring individual students, all of which are important skills in the ESL teaching community.  I would recommend this class to anyone hoping to teach ESL in the US or abroad.

Rose F., Escuela Normal Superior del Distrito de Barranquilla, Colombia – TESOL December 2013:

The TESOL program at ILI was excellent preparation for my time as an English teacher in Colombia. The breadth of observations, one-on-one tutoring and teaching workshops of the program gave me confidence working in classrooms with students with a variety of English language levels.

Prescilia Ndjana, Joongni Elementary School, Pocheon, South Korea – TESOL August 2013

Getting my TESOL at ILI has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Jonathan taught a handful of us, ranging from different ages, all about teaching abroad. It was a marvelous experience. We were taught how to plan lesson plans, how to engage the class and how to manage behaviors. I can assure you I’ve used all the techniques taught to me within those couple weeks in my classes abroad. I even used one of the lesson plans we made in class as a lesson plan for my interview and they loved it. It was precise, descriptive, engaging and followed the time constraint. Very soon after completing the class, I was hired right away to teach as an English teacher in South Korea. I am so glad I was as prepared as I could be regarding teaching English to foreign students. This place is wonderful in it that you’re able to practice, practice, practice. You can also use the opportunity to tutor students from the country you wish to teach in and that was an added bonus. Everybody should come to ILI, you won’t regret it. Thank you ILI, thank you Jonathan!

Caroline H., International Student Exchange Programs – TESOL August 2012:

The rigorous TESOL/TEFL Certificate Program at the International Language Institute will provide you with the tools to advance your educational career. Through the expert instructor, you will develop a greater mastery of the English language, learn the most effective methods for teaching ESL, and actively put that knowledge to practice via hands-on training. Though I currently teach and lecture in other topics outside of ESL, I still use the valuable skills I learned at ILI.

Engin O., Doga School, Ankara, Turkey – TESOL June 2012:

The TESOL program at I.L.I.  was very helpful and fruitful for me. I learned a lot new teaching methods. Besides , everyone in the program was very helpful and friendly. After finishing the course, I immediately found a teaching position where I could apply everything I learned. Currently, I am employed by a prominent private high school in Turkey and I am excited to start applying everything I learned at ILI’s TESOL course. Thank you for everything!!

Tony R., ESL Instructor, Baltimore Community College – TESOL March 2012:

The TESOL certificate course at ILI was a fantastic investment in my teaching career. Not only did we learn all the necessary skills we needed in the classroom, we also were able to explore the business side of ESL and how to leverage our skills ethically in a global market. This course is the complete package.

Andrea S., English Now!, Bethesda, MD – TESOL August 2011:

I couldn’t have been happier with the program. Not only did I enjoy the course and the challenges it posed, but the program also gave me insight into how the ESL industry works more generally within the U.S. and abroad. With resources to understand how to go about getting my first teaching position and even potentially starting up my own business should I wish to, the skills I learned have been invaluable in my career as an ESL teacher. The course materials were easy to read and well-structured, and they prepared me perfectly well to teach ESL within a broad range of learning environments.  The instructor, Jonathan, is an expert in the field and linked ESL theory with practice by illustrating the course with examples from his own professional experience and more importantly, by giving us the opportunity to student teach at ILI.  I keep a great memory of the classes and of the atmosphere amongst students. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a good TESOL curriculum.

Kirsten W., ESL Instructor, Northern Virginia Community College – TESOL March 2011:

Getting my TESOL certificate from ILI was probably the best education decision I have made, as it is what got me into all of my teaching jobs after I finished.  The course prepared me with a combination of theory and practical resources that I still use in my teaching today. I loved the supportive community environment of ILI and the fact that tutoring and practice teaching with real ESL students was incorporated into our training. The opportunity to work with real students was an invaluable learning experience that is not available in all TESOL programs

Louise P., Salzburg Global Seminar, Austria – TESOL August 2010:

The International Language Institute is first-rate. The rigorous certification program features excellent teachers who help you to not only master the English language and teaching strategies, but also develop skills on your feet in the classrooms. Though I did some ESL tutoring prior to the program, I have learned just how valuable this training is; I am now a better teacher — for myself and the students. I am delighted to recommend the ILI.

Alpha P., King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – TESOL July 2010:

ILI’s professional and friendly staff, along with the convenient location, contributed to my expectations being exceeded. The on-site facilities made it easy for the practice teaching and was also very beneficial.

Shannon W., CASA de Maryland’s Adult ESOL Program, Silver Spring, MD – TESOL June 2010:

The TESOL instructor has an evident passion for the subject matter in addition to a high level of experience and expertise in the field which created an engaging and informative classroom environment. For trainees with limited or no ESL experience, the course provided many opportunities for hands-on instructional training. For trainees like myself who are currently working in ESL, the course was a wonderful opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the field and develop strategies for more effective language instruction. Upon completing the course I received a promotion with my current employer. The evening classes and condensed schedule are very convenient for people with daytime responsibilities. I would absolutely recommend ILI’s TESOL program to anyone interested in developing a strong foundation in ESL instruction.

Serli B., Japanese School, Istanbul – TESOL December 2009:

TESOL was the best course I’ve ever taken in my life. It was a great experience; I seriously learned a lot about teaching and now I have a job that I really love so much, thanks to our tutor and ILI.

Larry G., Director of Student Services (plus Writing and Grammar Teacher) Schools of North America, Binh Chanh District, HCM City, Vietnam – TESOL October 2009:

A combination of luck and skill and being at the right place at the right time landed me a job in a Vietnamese school. I could not have gotten through the door though without having earned a TESOL from ILI. Once through that door, I depended on the confidence that my TESOL training gave me. I really love my job, the people with whom I work and my new life. Imagine being a director after working 24 years in a hotel kitchen. As an aside, if I am able to bring a young man back to the United States and sponsor him for an educational visa, I will enroll him in ILI’s ESL program so he can receive a major boost in his career potential.

Elizabeth S., English First, Guangzhou, China – TESOL May 2009:

I earned my teaching certificate in the summer of 2009. The course was great, not only because of the material we learned, but also because of the teaching opportunities I had. During my time at ILI, I tutored two students and taught a few classes as well. A few weeks after my class, I was hired as a teacher in China, and in November 2009, I moved to Guangzhou, where I am currently teaching adult students with English First (EF). I’m very grateful for the opportunity to live and teach abroad, which I wouldn’t be able to do without my TESOL.

Alison M., La Gloria English School, Isla Mujeres, Mexico – TESOL April 2009:

My TESOL course at ILI gave me a vital understanding of the philosophies, methods, and challenges of teaching English to speakers of other languages. The course was intensive and thorough, yet concise and convenient, and it worked easily into my busy schedule as a soon-to-be college graduate. The design of the course, including tutoring, teacher observations, and lesson planning activities, ensured that I would build enough confidence to successfully teach my own independent courses in the future.  The accreditation guaranteed that I could easily seek employment as an English teacher all over the world.  I have benefited from my experience at ILI immensely, and I am grateful for the experience.

Nicole B., Prince George’s Community College, Largo, MD – TESOL April 2009:

What I appreciated about ILI’s TESOL program was that it offered its trainees opportunities to teach different levels of ESL learners with different language backgrounds. I also had a lot of confidence in the course instructor; Jonathan is extremely knowledgeable, engaging, and helpful. I learned a lot about teaching and the English language itself.

Carol L., ELS Washington D.C. – TESOL April 2009:

Having had no formal background in education, ILI delivered a comprehensive TESOL program that has enabled me to teach both domestically and internationally. The program provided me with a solid foundation on which I have been able to build a substantial career in ESL.

Jennifer O., Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, FL – TESOL February 2009:

Even though I am not teaching ESL, I can say that your course taught me how to thoroughly prepare for a class by giving me many ideas of how to conduct my lectures, involve students in group activities, encourage class participation, and overall to make the class more interesting and comprehensible when covering difficult philosophical ideas. I never had the opportunity to teach before, and the TESOL/TEFL class surprisingly prepared me for teaching in ways that I hadn’t expected. I now have a teaching method that works well with my students.

Allison F., Buenos Aires, Argentina  – TESOL February 2009:

By the end of the TESOL course at the ILI, I felt confident about stepping into a classroom and teaching a lesson.  The in-class grammar review and presentation of teaching techniques made me feel more certain about the material and gave me new ideas about how it could be presented to students. To me, the best thing about the TESOL course was that we were thrown directly into the role of the teacher.  Over the period of the course, I tutored two students from Latin American who were preparing for the TOEFL exam – which prepared me to continue teaching to students of this level in Argentina (where I currently live).  Because the ILI draws English students from all different backgrounds and levels, there are plenty of opportunities for teachers in training to practice their skills!