Why Learning Spanish as a Second Language is Gaining Popularity

The United States of America has always had a policy of accepting immigrants and refugees from other countries, thus giving them a chance to live in the US and become citizens. Due to this long-standing policy, the US has no official language. However, English is the most spoken language followed by Spanish as the second […]

Why You Should Learn German As a 2nd or 3rd Language

With the rapid expansion of computer technology and the ease of travel between different countries and continents (outside of COVID-19), we truly do live in a multicultural world now. So naturally, more and more people are wanting to learn new languages. Have you considered learning German? Have you been wanting to learn a new language? […]

What foreign language should you learn? Try French.

Learning a second language can be quite challenging and choosing which one to study adds to the challenge. If you’re considering studying a second language and aren’t sure which to choose, consider the French language. Those who are able to master speaking English and French will open many doors for their professional life in the […]

Planning a trip to Russia? Learn these Russian language basics.

Whether you are planning a trip to Russia for business or pleasure, it’s time to learn the Russian Language. Learning the language will make your trip more enjoyable and productive because most Russians don’t speak English. In fact, only about 5 percent of Russians can speak English. Even though English is considered the universal language, […]

Improve your English Skills Studying in the Top U.S. Cities

Learning to speak, write, and understand the English language is challenging. To improve English fluency, it’s important to go beyond studying and integrate the language with everyday living. Many students accomplish this by studying abroad in English native-speaking countries. The number of international students in the U.S. set an all time high in 2019 reaching […]

Studying English Online? Choose a Course with Live Instruction

When trying to learn a new language, nothing can replace the benefit of live instruction, instructor-led learning. Teaching delivered by a live instructor, whether virtually or in a classroom, provides personalized, interactive training. In this environment, instructors get to know students on a personal level and can better target each student’s individual training needs. Learning […]

News Release: ILI Offers Online Language Courses for Quarantined and International Students

New ESL Students receive 50 percent tuition discount through September 30, 2020 Washington, DC (MAY 27, 2020) The International Language Institute (ILI) is offering live, instructor-led online courses for US-based quarantined students, and international students restricted from traveling to the United States. The Intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) Program was the first ILI […]

Seven Reasons to Study English in Washington DC

There is a multitude of reasons why you would choose to learn English as a second or third language. After all, it is spoken by more people in the world than any other language, and it is considered to be the most common international language throughout the world. Of all places you can actually go […]

English Classes for Immigrants | Start Your ESL Classes Today

ESL is the acronym for “English as a Second Language”. English is the most commonly used language in the world, mainly because more people in the world choose English as their second language than any other language. It is used in many international industries, such as the aviation industry, to avoid barriers in communication and […]

What is the best way to learn a foreign language?

There are many reasons to learn a foreign language. Perhaps you are planning a long visit to a foreign country and you want to immerse yourself in the culture. Or maybe a visitor from a foreign country is planning a trip to see you and you want to talk to them in their home language. […]