ESL Course

Choosing the right English Language Study Program, also known as English as a Second Language (ESL Course) Program, can be very challenging. In the United States, there are hundreds of options available, which can make the decision even more daunting. To narrow down your list of options, use the list below to find the right fit for you.

Choose an Intensive Program that offers progressive levels of learning

Intensive English Learning programs that assess students for their current skill level and comprehension, and then place them in the appropriate ESL course level are the best options. When a program offers levels of learning, all students in the course are learning at the same level and can, therefore, support each other.

Look for a well-established school experienced with ESL courses

Not all ESL programs are created equally. Schools that are bound by accreditation rules will be your best option. Accreditation means the school must follow specific guidelines for all its ESL courses, so as a student you will receive a high-quality education. The International Language Institute, for example, has been teaching students from around the world for fifty years. The school is accredited by the ACCET which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a reliable authority.

When researching teaching institutions, look for when the organization was established. Institutions with a long history of success are often a better investment than brand new programs.

Look for affordability without compromising quality

Studying abroad should not break the bank. It should be affordable and high value. When schools have very expensive programs, it doesn’t mean the programs are better than others, it likely means the school is more expensive to run and they spend more on advertising.

Choose a school that offers the learning style you need

Just like learning programs are not all the same, not all students are the same either. The learning style needed for one student may not work well for others. When choosing a school, look for curriculums that work with your learning needs. At the International Language Institute, the in-person courses include regular outings and get-togethers for students. It’s important that students be able to practice the language they are learning, so scheduling this time together is essential. For the institution’s online courses, the same attention to detail is applied. Courses are led by live instructors and include peer-to-peer interactions.

Choose a school in an advanced region

For in-person courses, you will spend several hours per week in the classroom and in the surrounding area. Consider if the region will support the learning efforts. Check out the entertainment options, public transportation system, shopping and dining options, and other means of learning the culture such as museums, theater, and music venues.

There are thousands of options available for ESL, begin with defining your needs so you can find the school best suited for you. If you would like to learn more about the International Language Institute and our student-focused programs, please contact us today!