Online ESL Classes

ESL is the acronym for “English as a Second Language”. English is the most commonly used language in the world, mainly because more people in the world choose English as their second language than any other language. It is used in many international industries, such as the aviation industry, to avoid barriers in communication and keep relations running smoothly. ESL classes are the most optimal way for immigrants to learn English.

What is an ESL class?

ESL classes are designed to help people from around the world learn English as their second, third, or even fourth language, and a large portion of these people are immigrants moving to English-speaking nations. They may already know some English or might not speak any at all. However, their motivation for learning English is understandable; when moving to an English-speaking country, such as the USA, one’s chances of succeeding and achieving happiness will be greatly improved from learning the native language.

ESL classes are usually taught by bilingual instructors who teach immigrant students not only how to speak English, but also how to read, write, and understand someone speaking English. These courses might also include other subjects such as history, math, and science. While most ESL teaching occurs in an English-speaking country, technology is allowing people from all over the world to learn English online in an effective virtual classroom setting.

Are online ESL classes effective?

The International Language Institute has moved its ESL classes online due to COVID-19. The classes that students attend are exactly like the in-person courses with the exception they are taught in a virtual classroom. The teachers still interact with students and students may still interact with each other for peer to peer learning.

Online learning has several advantages, and one of them is that classes can be recorded and replayed online. This allows students in any time zone to stay current with their classes and watch the videos at a more convenient time. The video format also allows a student to replay a part of the course that might have seemed confusing the first time. This online format offers complete flexibility for the teacher and student.

The online format also allows instant and inexpensive distribution of learning materials for the student. If necessary, there can be one-on-one interactions between student and teacher just as if it were an in-person meeting.

Why should an immigrant in the USA learn English?

As mentioned earlier, English is the most spoken language in the world and is considered the international business language. Learning English will improve chances of obtaining better employment and earning more income.

More information is available in English than any other language. This is true for books, movies, TV, and most learning resources.

When someone is an immigrant in the USA and can speak English, the general population will have more patience, understanding, and respect because that person has come into the country and made the effort to learn the native language, English.

An immigrant coming into the US is going to encounter many situations where knowing English will be helpful. Examples include filling out applications for employment, opening a bank account, any interactions with the government concerning a green card, work visa, student visa, or other matters, and signing up for and taking classes. Already having a good command of English will be extremely helpful in these types of situations.

If you will be moving into the US or have already done so and you want to learn English online, the Language Institute will help you get started today. Our highly trained instructors have created ESL classes that offer the most effective learning of the English language available. Please visit our ESL course page – call one of our representatives at (202) 362-2505 – or email us at  [email protected], today!