Studey English in Washington DC

There is a multitude of reasons why you would choose to learn English as a second or third language. After all, it is spoken by more people in the world than any other language, and it is considered to be the most common international language throughout the world. Of all places you can actually go to learn English, Washington DC will provide you with one of the most incredible learning experiences in the world.

Why Should I Study English in Washington DC?

1. Diversity – One of the best reasons to learn English in Washington DC is because of its unique diversity. It doesn’t matter where you come from, there will always be other people from your home country who also live in DC. When you are in a foreign country (USA) and the majority of people speak a different language and practice different cultures than you do, it is comforting to be surrounded by others who are like you and who can help you better adapt to the local lifestyle and culture.

All countries across the globe have embassies in Washington DC, and there are many international organizations with locations in the area (IMF, World Bank, OAS). 

2. So Much to Do! – Washington DC is a large city that offers so much culture and entertainment! There are hundreds of tours to enjoy DC’s rich history, some of the world’s best museums, the most beautiful gardens, a choice of some of the most diverse and delicious foods from around the world, attractions of all kinds, any kind of entertainment you can imagine, professional teams in every major sporting category, and a mix of wonderful cultures from every corner of the world.

If you’re on a budget, you will be glad to know that admission is free for all Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo in Washington DC. Visit the Washington DC tourism website to learn more. Oh, and don’t forget about the weekly (and sometimes daily) festivals.

3. Perfect Climate – Washington DC is located at that perfect latitude on the East Coast of the US where you really get to experience every season without the extreme temperatures of the Northeast or Southeast. The summers aren’t typically sweltering hot and the winters don’t usually have that brutally cold climate you’ll find in the New England area. If you ever do find it is too hot or too cold, simply slip into one of the thousands of local coffee shops, restaurants, or bars and either drink something to warm you up or cool you down until you feel comfortable again.

4. Clean and Green – One thing about DC that visitors absolutely love is how clean the city really is. After all, the nation’s capital really should be as clean as possible. People living in DC take pride in their city, and they do their part to keep the streets and parks clean and beautiful. They are also very environmentally friendly (a.k.a. Green), and you’ll notice this as you travel throughout the city. It’s a common theme that everyone is a part of and feels good about.

5. Nightlife – The nightlife in the DC area covers a broad spectrum of possibilities and options. There is every type of music playing somewhere on any night of the week. Or, if comedy is your favorite form of entertainment, you’ll have no problem finding the funniest comedians there are. Perhaps you would rather go to the opera or see a play, or maybe you would rather relax in a quiet place and listen to a poetry reading. Whatever you desire, DC has it.

6. Restaurants – With the Dulles International Airport in the heart of DC, the city welcomes visitors from all over the world. Washington DC has catered to this diverse group by offering international flavors from around the globe. It doesn’t matter if you’re craving a French pastry, some Hungarian paprikash, or just some tasty southern fried chicken, you’ll find it somewhere in DC.

7. Location – The location of Washington DC is perfectly situated where you can get to many other places quickly and easily. Mountains are nearby, and so is the beach. New York City is less than four hours away, Atlantic City – three hours, Richmond, Virginia – two hours, and Baltimore, Maryland is only an hour away. There are also several major interstates running through DC that can get you almost anywhere with ease. You can even drive to Miami Florida without making any turns.

If learning English is a stepping stone to continuing your education, consider applying to one of the world renown universities in the area. These include Georgetown, George Washington, American University and many other more affordable colleges

There are probably many places where someone can live to study and learn English, but there is nowhere else as beautiful, cultural, and diverse as Washington DC. When you take classes at the International Language Institute in Washington DC, you’ll learn more than just the English language – you’ll learn what it’s like to be an American. For more information, please call one of our representatives at (202) 362-2505 – or email us at  [email protected], today! Visit our Intensive English Program page to learn more about our English courses.